From Greenhorn to Senior Boy

Book Summary

In this interesting and absorbing book, the author, who overcame adversity growing up in the humble surroundings of his little village Mpintimpi in rural Ghana to qualify as a medical doctor, graduating as he did from the prestigious medical school in Hanover, Germany, recounts his secondary school days as a boarder.

For young readers the book is invaluable, providing unlimited encouragement by a writer who himself overcame apparent insurmountable difficulties in his educational career.

Mature readers, too, will find many memories stirred, memories to make them laugh and even, perhaps, shed a tear of remorse. They will find in this book echoes of the trials, tribulations and joys of their own schooldays, for human nature is the same wherever we are brought up. Many of these readers will surely relate to the tribulations of initiation ceremonies and traditions when they joined a new school or even a new university.

And then what student did not sit up late through the night to undertake mental ‘mining’ expeditions the night before an exam? There is a whole range of memories like these that will be evoked in this book.

The book is a source of encouragement for the young, but will be read with a great deal of pleasure and nostalgia by older readers.



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