About Ministry

Dr Robert Peprah-Gyamfi, has committed his life to serving the Lord of Heaven and Earth. He was born about 50 years ago at Mpintimpi, a little village about 150 kilometres to the north of Accra, Ghana’s capital city.

As a young schoolboy he had to face a catalogue of difficulties and challenges, surviving illnesses and horrendous treatments by traditional witch-doctors, and attending school in spite of having to traverse remote bush paths. He is a man unlike Abraham, called by the Lord God to leave the country of birth and find a new land where a promise will be fulfilled. When he was still a struggling student in Ghana, he received a powerful visual manifestation of his goal—a vision of himself and a friend meeting in a street in Europe. It is this visual goal that spurred him on in overcoming countless hurdles, first as a construction worker in Nigeria, then as an asylum seeker in Berlin, and later as a medical student in Germany threatened with deportation.

After qualifying as a family doctor in Germany in 2001, Dr Peprah-Gyamfi practised for a while in that country before moving to the UK in February 2006.
Dr Peprah-Gyamfi combines his work as a General Practitioner with that of Author and Evangelist. He has so far written five books. He is founder of THANK YOU JESUS MINISTRY. The Ministry aims at spirit-filled evangelism, yes of preaching the simple message of salvation through faith in the Risen Lord. At the moment the Ministry is confined to Internet , Radio and TV Evangelism, though there are plans to expand it to include Worship Centres.